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At Maycos, our daily mission is to support our customers throughout the entire formulation process as they create cosmetic products in line with the latest market trends, satisfying the demand for the better informed careful consumer, with the highest level of natural products without compromising top performance.
Over the years Maycos has specialized in a few specific product categories, developing exclusive raw materials that are highly innovative and that have top performance. Maycos aims to establish an innovative spirit based not on marketing claims but on a solid scientific and technical basis. According to Maycos, lauryl ether sulfate cannot be considered natural because, while derived from coconut oil, it is oxidized, ethylated and sulfated; just like a sweet almond oil PEG that has been polyoxydethylated.
Maycos is focused on offering the cosmetics market truly natural products, skin-friendly and physiological, without giving up on cosmetic performance. Following, we would like to present the product categories our R&D work has been focused on.


Surfactants are organic compounds that contain both hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups and are classified according to the latter's electric charge (cationic, anionic, amphoteric or non-ionic). Anionic surfactants are the ones most widely used in personal care applications due to their detergent properties and their efficacy. Over recent years, these also count the lipo-amino acids, which are the preferred choice natural due to their mildness, delicacy, safety and biodegradability.





Solubilizers are commonly used to customize cosmetic products with fragrances and essential oils. Historically, PEG and polysorbates have been intensively used as solubilizers but recently the cosmetic market has moved to more natural choices. The entire lipo-amino acids solubilizer family has been designed specifically to address these requests. In addition to their natural origins, they possess better skin compatibility and can also act as cosurfactants. The Maycos OIL family was created to promote oil solubilization directly in the lipid phase, to create stable, transparent, high-performance emulsions. Moreover, esters of vegetable fatty acids recreate and restore the hydrophobic protective layer on the skin, which acts as a natural barrier against irritating, damaging environmental agents.





Emulsifiers are key products in the cosmetic world market, since they consent the homogenization of different phases. Furthermore, emulsifiers allow a wide range of different active ingredients to be delivered directly on to the skin, such as vitamins and lipo-soluble extracts. Creams and lotions are the best known and most used cosmetic products based on emulsions: Emulsions can be divided into either an oil phase dispersed in a water solution (O/W emulsion) or a water phase dispersed in oil solution (W/O emulsion). Like as other raw materials for cosmetics, the market has started looking for an innovative greener approach, moving away from synthetic emulsifiers to natural ones.





Proteins have always been used in cosmetics, but it was only by the end of the 1990s that protein hydrolysates were introduced. Now, they are the most used group of active ingredients, predominantly for top-quality hair care and natural cleansing products. Maycos Italiana aims to offer our clients a wide range of hydrolyzed proteins to choose from to best customize and improve their cosmetic formulations. Obtained through specific enzymatic hydrolysis processes, Maycos' wide-ranging peptide family can be used to enhance cosmetic products' repairing and nourishing effects, even at low concentrations.





Maycos Italiana’s aim is always to offer our client the best solution to protect, to functionalize and to stabilize cosmetic formulations without compromising their naturalness and bio-degradability. For these reasons, we developed products with Ecocert Cosmos Natural certified ingredients to thicken, opacify and preserve our clients' cosmetic products. Moreover, we also supply the market with amino acids, both natural and functionalized, to enrich and diversify the widest range of cosmetic formulations.





Whether it is a cream or a body cleanser, Maycos Italiana designed blends can improve our clients' production. These high-functionalized bases can be used in hot, one-pot and, especially, in cold processes. The possibility to blend ingredients without heat provides efficient cost savings while it avoids the degradation of heat-sensitive ingredients (e.g. vitamins and other active compounds).




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