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Dear Customer,

First of all, we, Maycos Italiana, would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in our company. Our mission is to offer the cosmetic market natural, skin-friendly, products, without ignoring performance.

After years of experience in international chemical and cosmetic companies, Maycos Italiana was established in 1983 in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantua, Italy). This is still where our R&D laboratories, commercial offices and registered headquarters are located.

Our innovative production plant and quality labs are located in Montichiari (Brescia, Italy). The plant has extensive manufacturing capacity thanks to a brand new automated system. Here we produce a wide variety of raw materials for the Personal Care, Cosmetics and Household Detergent Industries.

Thanks to the synergy of our headquarters, customers and distributors, Maycos Italiana has established durable business relationships with Italian, European, Middle East and Asian companies.


At Maycos, we aim to create an innovative spirit that does not just live on claim marketing without a solid scientific foundation. In our opinion, a Lauryl Ether Sulphate cannot be considered natural because, although derived from coconut oil, it is promptly ethoxylated and sulfonated, likewise PEG Sweet Almond Oil which is subjected to polyethoxylation.

Therefore, in Maycos we see a cosmetic market whose products are and will be truly natural, skin and body-friendly, without losing performance at all.

On the contrary, the performance efficiency that had to be previously renounced when compared with some synthetic ingredients is always one of the cornerstones of our research drivers.

In this way, we want to make our contribution to a world that must necessarily be more eco-sustainable, both in terms of sourcing and product lifecycle, with a special focus on biodegradability and compatibility.

With this Vision we have identified various product categories where our R&D has focused its work.


Highly qualified scientists and technicians, whose research projects focus on the study of new raw materials, run the innovative R&D center to develop the newest products and formulations: the main objective is to provide our customers with natural and biodegradable chemical intermediates for the cosmetics industry, always taking environmental health and safety into account. The organization and management of this internal structure ensures that Maycos Italiana can quickly meet the daily needs of our customers, offering high-tech formulation, innovative research and productive solutions.

Our goal is to support the customer throughout the entire formulation process, in order to produce cosmetics in line with the latest market trends, satisfying the demand of an informed and attentive consumer, with the highest degree of naturalness and without sacrificing maximum performance. Maycos has specialized in some specific product categories, where it has developed exclusive ingredients with a high rate of innovation and performance. Regarding the Personal Care Market, we are able to offer a wide, diversified and innovative range of surfactants, emulsifiers, solubilizers, viscosifiers and opacifiers.

In order to help you with your production processes, we have continuously asked ourselves: how can we provide our customers with easy and effective tools to formulate cosmetic products without modifying equipment, using third parties or building new reactors? You will find the answer to this and other daily questions by our technicians and within our product portfolio.

We are here to keep helping you solve tomorrow's problems and find solutions for your next challenges.


MAYCOS ITALIANA S.R.L. management, in agreement with all the partners and function managers, considers important for the protection of the final consumer and for an effective management of commercial relations, the adoption of a Policy for Product Quality and Safety.

The primary process objectives of the company are: the application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the implementation of the newest cosmetic market regulations, the constant respect of customer specifications, the perpetual attention toward circular economy and general sustainability.

Quality and hygiene are guaranteed through creation and constant maintenance of a management system for quality and safety in the cosmetics industry, implemented in compliance with the following standards: UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 22716.


At Maycos, we believe it is appropriate to maintain a proper relationship of collaboration and information with customers to ensure an optimal level of safety of the offered product, maximum punctuality in delivery and timely responses. The Management also believes that such a policy can allow an improvement also in terms of productivity with an optimal use of available resources and is committed to ensuring the development of the following points:

  • Maintain effective communication with customers and suppliers in order to involve them in quality achievements, hygiene and product safety of the established cosmetic products;
  • Increase the use, in our products where palm oil is present, of the sustainable version RSPO-MB;
  • Support customers in eco-design, sustainable product development and natural origin substances use;
  • Operate in respect of all the stakeholders with whom the company relates, whether they are elements of the external context in which it operates or subjects of its internal context;
  • Constantly monitor and review the Quality and Hygiene System, applied to the production, control, storage and shipping processes of cosmetic products, to identify the dangers and define prevention and monitoring activities, verifying the effectiveness of the self-checking also through analytical checks on the finished product;
  • Involve internal staff through the search for motivating factors, in order to create meeting points between individual objectives and company organization;
  • Plan training and continuous updating activities as well as information at all levels;
  • Maintain a high level of product quality;
  • Employ adequate resources meaning specialized, motivated and well-trained workers.


  • Continuous improvement of the internal organization, health and safety of workers as well as their physical and mental well-being;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Continuous attention of the corporate image on the market;
  • Consolidation of its current market and opening to new commercial opportunities.

In order to maintain and monitor the objectives set above, every year we draw up an "Improvement Plan" which represents a document in which we defined:
managers, parameters for measurability and indicators Maycos aims to achieve in the year.
The Improvement Plan is reviewed during the whole year to verify the progress and achievement of the indicators and in order to plan new objectives, and thus implement continuous improvement..


With our best regards

Maycos Italiana Management
Alessandro and Miro Comini


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